TOUR READY: Meet & Greet | Session II

Fri 22 March, 12:00pm
(3 hours)
Chunky Move Studio
111 Sturt Street, Southbank

Participating works, artists and companies:

That Place in Between by Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub
That Place in Between examines the masks we use to deal with the aftermath of life-changing transitions. Based on a series of characters, the work unravels the many faces we use to stay in ‘control’, and keep functioning, during the packing and unpacking of your life.  When change occurs, our belongings and memories are at the forefront, a blockade to moving forward. What do we hold onto?  Reminders of the past, they have weight, both physically and psychologically.

ALONE TOGETHER is an immersive installation that works between the cracks of dance, lighting design, sound and audience experience, focusing on themes of aloneness and loneliness. It is a work for a solo dancer and 35 audience members and is presented as promenade theatre. Created with a series of interviews from the general public, it prompts deep connections and reflection for audience members.

OVERTURE by Jo Lloyd
OVERTURE is not only a term used to name the prelude to an opera. It also means an opening; an offer; to uncover; an initial move toward negotiations. When Jo Lloyd was young she would pretend to interview famous people she’d like to meet. OVERTURE is an extension of that. A dance that considers the unrequited; an attempt to connect with particular beings of obsession. OVERTURE’s dancers invoke lost heroes in order to play out impossible scenarios. Fabrication is the engine for endless desire as they transcend barriers to be with one another.

RED by Liz Lea
RED is an elusive, fractious and fabulous interdisciplinary performance delivered with body and soul, blending dance, film, spoken word and song. Bringing on the bawdy and banishing the banal.

Days Like These by Murmuration
Presented as a series of emotive vignettes Days Like These explores the varied ways we as humans express our emotions from one day to the next. The show examines emotional thresholds and attempts to hold a mirror up for all to ask . . . what kind of day is today?

We Make Each Other Up by Rhiannon Newton
Beginning from the question ‘could dance be more plant-like’, We Make Each Other Up  is new work from Sydney choreographer Rhiannon Newton. A unique group of human and non-human collaborators reflect a world that is deeply and sensitively networked. The world touches the body and is translated into sensation. And the world, in turn, feels something too.

ON VIEW: Live Portraits by Sue Healey and Company
ON VIEW: Live Portraits seamlessly combines dance and film to interrogate ideas about portraiture, identity and the moving body. It presents live performance with highly-crafted HD film installation, with five dance artists; Martin del Amo, Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa and Nalina Wait.


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Image: Gisella Vollmer (Days Like These by Murmuration)