TOUR READY: Meet & Greet | Session I

Thu 14 March, 12:00pm
(3 hours)

Chunky Move Studio
111 Sturt Street, Southbank

Participating works, artists and companies:

SPIN by Anna Seymour

Inspired by club scenes in San Francisco, Mexico, Cuba and Berlin, Anna Seymour’s SPIN is a participatory dance performance event with a DJ and Deaf Hosts. It celebrates the physical and social experience of dance parties, subcultures and the beats that bring us together. An exuberant dance party led by Deaf people that may alter your perceptions of dance and music.

Dust by Dancenorth
Through the lottery of birth, we inherit the architecture of restriction and opportunity… In Dust, award-winning Dancenorth takes a deep dive into personal, social, cultural and political inheritance and the way we question and respond to that which has come before us. How do we agitate and illuminate the engineering of our own existence?

Epilogue by Lewis Major Projects
Produced and presented by South Australian company Lewis Major Projects, Epilogue is an evening-length triple bill of work by choreographers Lewis Major and Astrid Boons, performed by dancer, Pascal Marty. Epilogue is at once a celebration, and a deconstruction of, classicism, perfection and the role that beauty has played in the shaping of the Western Canon.

INTER by Liesel Zink
INTER is a contemporary dance and spoken word collaboration exploring themes of inter-connectivity in science and humanity. Three dancers perform under a mesmerizing interactive lighting installation (Jason Glenwright) responding to original poetry by J. M. Donellan. Drawing from research into the micro to macro; the interactions between atoms to the relationship between celestial bodies in space, INTER offers a humbling portrayal of existence while highlighting the importance and power of humans working as one.

The Spinners by Lina Limosani (Limosani Projekts)
A collaboration between Scottish director Al Seed and Australian choreographer and performer Lina Limosani. Taking its sustenance from the Moirai of ancient Greek myth, The Spinners deals with life, death and the choices we make or don’t make. The Morai spin, measure and cut the thread of life, deciding the fates of all human beings.

THE FROCK by Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE)
THE FROCK is a patchwork of personal recollection and aspiration that expands on ideas of how Australians lived, have loved, why they dance and what makes their hearts sing. Spoken word, song, soundscape, installation, costume and robot are used to create an innovative theatrical experience that embroiders together a tale inspired by photographs from ensemble members in their “best dress”.

ON VIEW: Live Portraits by Sue Healey and Company
ON VIEW: Live Portraits seamlessly combines dance and film to interrogate ideas about portraiture, identity and the moving body. It presents live performance with highly-crafted HD film installation, with five dance artists; Martin del Amo, Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa and Nalina Wait.

Image: Sandi Sissell (THE FROCK by Mature Artists Dance Experience)