Mon 18 March, 3:00pm
(3 hours)

Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford

Participating works, artists and companies:

Goat Talk by Leah Landau
You are not a body,
You are an area.
You are not a person,
You are a situation.
Goat Talk stretches its skin over sleek forms, inserts fake details where necessary, and slips from easy conversation to suspended body animation with the flick of a microphone. Performing in the non-traditional space of Abbotsford Convent’s Industrial School, Leah Landau utilises the subject/object dichotomy of taxidermy together with marketing copy from cryogenics organisation, ALCOR Life Extension Foundation, to create an eerie new stage of ghosting, hosting and housing form.

Cowboy by Michael Smith
Cowboy is a solo contemporary-dance work that investigates ones ability to have a complete, genuine and meaningful experience as an imagined self. From surfing trains to wandering the desert, Cowboy holds a deeper inquiry into the existence of human persona beyond fantasy. Join Smith as he commits to the cowboy world, and exposes desires and vulnerabilities that exist in our pursuit to form identity.

PROJECT F by Prue Lang
With a particular focus on female figures from 12th century until now, PROJECT F is considered kinaesthetically and explores notions of feminist utopia in choreographic terms. At the heart of this investigation is the shared experience of the human body from an explicitly female perspective and through women’s bodies.

Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! by Ryuichi Fujimura
Layering text and movement, Fall! Falter!! Dance!!! explores the idea of resilience through personal anecdotes of failure and disappointments in the style of open-mic stand-up. It is the third instalment of his autobiographic solo series following How I Practice My Religion and How Did I Get Here?.

PopUp Tearoom Series by Yumi Umiumare
PopUp Tearoom Series is a durational performance installation inviting audiences to pop in and experience ‘su’ (bare) and ‘ma’ (active pause). Join renowned artist Yumi Umiumare as she invokes the spirit of tea ceremony by shape-shifting the space, through dance, media, and soundscapes.


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Image: Pippa Samaya (PROJECT F by Prue Lang)