A solo for 401.

SIMULCAST is a study in simplicity. Young, old, trained and untrained dancers will work together to create this murmuration, taking place in Melbourne at Birrarung Marr. Created and produced by Chunky Move in association with Tasdance and Yellow Wheel, SIMULCAST is a solo for celebrated Australian dancer James O’Hara, supported by a local cast of 400.

A reflection on the fact that we are all part of something bigger and increasingly removed from a sense of human connectedness SIMULCAST brings us back. It is a contradiction. It is about the single and the multiple, minimalism and spectacle. Visually beautiful and aesthetically satisfying, solo movements trigger mass cannons, ricochets and swarms. Amidst moments of unity and discord we must listen to one another and respond. Watch as one moving body multiplies into hundreds.

Presented by Chunky Move and Dance Massive



Sun 24 March

3:00pm & 4:30pm

Birrarung Marr
Upper and Lower Terrace


Concept & Direction
Alice Lee Holland
Sofie Burgoyne, Alice Lee Holland, Joshua Lowe, James O’Hara, Kyall Shanks, Adam Wheeler – in collaboration with local young dance leaders.
James O’Hara
Kelly Ryall
Pippa Samaya