DIRtywork: Lecture-Performance


In her solo lecture-performance, Rosalind Crisp asks how dance might embody, understand and connect to the unfolding extinction crisis in East Gippsland. A response to Crisp’s profound sense of loss and responsibility for the devastation of the country that has allowed her to share in the spoils of colonialism, DIRtywork has arisen from years of practice with DIRt (Dance In Regional disaster zones) — an ongoing research project with Vic McEwan, Andrew Morrish and Peter Fraser. Without claiming solutions or fixed results, this work-in-perpetual-progress peels back Crisp’s practice to reflect the volatile mess we are in.

Presented by Dancehouse as part of Dance Massive 2019

DIRtywork: Lecture-Performance

Rosalind Crisp 
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Sun 24 March

3:00pm (50 mins)

Dancehouse, Upstairs Studio
150 Princes Street, Carlton North

Tickets $12