Cultural Residues 2020


Cultural Residues 2020 explores embodied provenance, presentation and representation — history and fake news. Through film projection, sound and live performance, this duet series is imagined as a river that flows and meanders through different landscapes. In a cyclical and mesmeric exploration of time, projected images are both prequel and sequel to live dance at different junctures, creating visual echoes and musical canons.

A rotating cast of Russell Dumas’ remarkable dancers appear on stage, two at a time. The dancers choose the duets as Dumas determines the sequence of events in a largely improvised work that promises no two evenings will be the same. How does an embodied past enter the future other than through the present?

As one of Australia’s most iconic choreographers and pedagogues, Dumas’ seminal body of work has always been inherently about the transmission of practice to and amongst the dancers that he works with. Cultural Residues 2020 exhibits a passing down of knowledge from one body to another, from generation to generation, as historical canon. Testament to kinesthetic intelligence, this deceptively simple work reveals the surprising, and sometimes humorous, poetry of the human body in action.

Presented by Dancehouse as part of Dance Massive 2019

Russell Dumas will be launching a new combined artist book with Josephine McKendry published by Writings on Dance Inc.
Venue: LaSalle College International (LCI Melbourne), 150 Oxford Street Collingwood
Date: 4:30pm, Friday March 15

Cultural Residues 2020

Russell Dumas
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Wed 20 - Sun 24 March

Wed 20 March, 8:00pm | Preview
Thu 21 – Sat 23 March, 8:00pm
Sun 24 March, 5:00pm
(50 mins)

Dancehouse, Sylvia Staehli Theatre
150 Princes Street, Carlton North

Tickets $28* $22¤  $20†  $15┴
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Accessibility — Wheelchair access, companion card

Russell Dumas
Jonathan Sinatra, Stuart Shugg, Alexandra Petrarca, David Huggins, Linda Sastradipradja, Rachel Doust, Megan Payne
Simon Lloyd
Sound design
Ion Pearce
Russell Dumas