CINEMATIC EXPERIMENTS: Multi-Media Installation

Developed over two months in a dedicated shopfront come media laboratory within the Altona Gate shopping centre, the multi-media installation traverses the choreographic qualities of the cinematic frame.

Utilizing a library of analogue and digital source material created for the project, the work is a series of experiments that explore the interaction of digital dance combined with unique motion graphics. The public are invited to participate in the experiments and experience the potential of their physicality to change the choreographic structures of the media sequences. The installation invites visitors of all ages to play with the idea that the choreographed frame cannot be anticipated.

Presented by The SUBSTATION as part of Dance Massive 2019

CINEMATIC EXPERIMENTS: Multi-Media Installation

Margie Medlin
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Thu 14 - Sun 17 March

Thu 14 – Fri 15 March
2:00pm – 7:00pm
Sat 16 – Sun 17 March
11:00am – 5:00pm

The Altona Gate Shopping Centre 
124-134 Millers Rd, Altona North


Accessibility — Wheelchair access

Margie Medlin
Interaction Design
Olaf Meyer
Media Artists
Fausto Brusamolino, Rhian Hinkley, Margie Medlin, Olaf Meyer
Dance Makers
Vicki Van Hout, Lucky Lartey
Sound Design
James Wilkinson
Lighting Design
Fausto Brusamolino
Jane Castle
Additional Cinematography
Martin Fox, Margie Medlin