Fri 15 March, 12:00pm
(3 hours)

Chunky Move Studio
111 Sturt Street, Southbank

Participating works, artists and companies:

Wonder Woman by Laura Boynes
A double bill of works choreographed by NSW artists Adelina Larsson and Julie-Anne Long in collaboration with performer Laura Boynes (WA), Wonder Woman responds to contemporary female gender issues past and present. In a world where #metoo and Times Up are empowering women and with international focus on women’s rights, Wonder Woman is an urgent and timely work that proposes feminism as a superhero.

#thatwomanjulia by Natalie Allen
#thatwomanjulia is a solo dance theatre work, performed by Natalie Allen, created from the media and public commentary around the leadership of Australia’s first female Prime Minster, Julia Gillard.

S.P.A.W.N by Rebecca Jensen
S.P.A.W.N is a morphing collage of embodiment and organization that works from a saturation of hazy body memories and detailed studies of moving images, encompassing a cross-section of history and environments, timeless and placeless. It is a study of imagined and actual, physical transformation. These modes of working / thinking / doing co-inhabit and contradict each other.
Imagery and imagined landscapes are distinguished then built upon or destroyed. Hanging in blurry edges between things and inhabiting transition, this dance tries to hover outside of reason, deflecting and nesting into multiple sense realms. One embodiment colors and births the next.

GUI SHU by Sally Richardson (produced by Performing Lines WA)
GUI SHU is a new immersive performance experience with accompanying video installation that combines the artistry of sound, vision and dance artists from Taiwan and WA. From the laneways, malls and teeming streets of Taipei to the bushscapes and surburbia of WA, GUI SHU is a journey and insight to these people and places, to reveal how culture shapes us. What is other, isolating and familiar is re-framed and reconnected in a collective space to seek the shared moments where we can all belong.

Image: Emma Fishwick (Wonder Woman by Laura Boynes)