First Nations Dialoges New York

BlakDance danced up a big, beautiful First Nations Blakout in New York for First Nations Dialogues 2019. Our 2019 artists Thomas E.S. Kelly and Mariaa Randall were among many great artists leading dance workshops and contributing to a growing program of work, discussions and ceremony.

First Nations Dialogues has been initiated and led by Indigenous artists and organisers from the US, Canada and Australia in order to support Indigenous performance work. It is designed to create new opportunities for production and dissemination of work internationally, to overcome the historic under-representation of such work in the US and a dearth of support for artistic exchange between Indigenous communities globally.

Both Mariaa Randall and Thomas E.S. Kelly present thought-provoking shows in our program this year. Book your tickets to Same but Different and CO_EX_EN and catch these world-premiering shows before anyone else.

Here is a fabulous write up by Siobhan Burke in the The New York Times on First Nations Dialogues: https://nyti.ms/2FrkQpk