The SITE RESPONSIVE SHOWCASE program is a unique event showcasing some of Australia’s leading choreographers. The showings at the Abbotsford Convent are conceived as a program that expands opportunities for choreographers to interrogate form and inspire audiences by creating and presenting work that sits outside of traditional performance venues. This exciting showcase presents works by …

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 – WORLD PREMIERE – QUAKE is a synthesis of hypnotic sound and uncanny movement, developed through the international collaboration of four independently renowned artists and anchored by the force of their ground-breaking work in the fields of sound and choreographic composition, computer technology and installation. As the four performers inhabit the expanded installation, the performance ensemble …

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Dark Night

Emerging from an installation conceived for the Venice Biennale as a response to the terrible fate of asylum seekers arriving by boat to Australian shores, Dark Night explores the crumbling humanitarian ideals of a world in crisis. In this embodied installation, embracing the dramatics of scale, volume, tone, rhythm and movement, a series of images are performed. …

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