Caroline Ohrt

Danse Danse, Co-artistic Director Montreal, Canada www.dansedanse.ca

Artistic Codirector and Director of Development, Caroline Ohrt joined the Danse Danse direction team in 2015 after a journey combining visual arts and dance. She’s in charge of developing new partnerships, initiating special projects and participating in the annual programming of performances. During her career, she advised art collectors, worked for Montreal Fine arts Museum and COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD.

Since its inception in 1998, Danse Danse has been actively involved in presenting and promoting contemporary dance, mainly large scale creations in Place des Arts Theaters at the heart of Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal.  Every season, the Montreal public has access to different propositions from around the globe.
Dates attending Dance Massive: 12 -17 March
Caroline Ohrt’s visit is supported by The Australia Council for the Arts.