Madeleine Krenek & Frankie Snowdon

The Perception Experiment   

Madeleine and Frankie have been creating and performing professional work together for 11 years, practicing experimentation based in dance with a strong focus on collaboration, often presenting work in non-traditional performance spaces.

As performers, collaborators and independent makers, Frankie and Madeleine have worked extensively throughout Australia for companies including Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin Inc and independent artists Jo Lloyd, Adam Wheeler and Carlee Mellow among others. Internationally, they have undertaken multiple residencies throughout Europe and worked with makers in New Zealand and the USA.

Since relocating their practice back to Frankie’s hometown of Alice Springs/Mparntwe in 2015, Frankie and Madeleine have premiered two new works The Perception Experiment (2017) and The Lost Dance Project (2018) with teams of award winning national collaborators. They were founding members of Melbourne’s 2NDTOE with whom they made work with for 10 years and founded the Alice Can Dance education program in the Northern Territory, which now provides dance opportunities for over 250 young people in public schools in remote Australia each year.

In 2018, Madeleine and Frankie founded GUTS Dance // Central Australia, a new platform for dance investigation, creation, training and exchange based in their home in the Central Australian desert.