Luke George and Collaborators

Public Actions   

Luke George creates new choreographic work that takes daring and at times, unorthodox methods, to explore new intimacies and connections between artist and audience. Raised in Tasmania and based in Melbourne, Luke creates and performs work locally and internationally/culturally, through experimental processes with collaborating artists and the public.

Luke’s major works include the seminal NOW NOW NOW (2011) and critically acclaimed Bunny (co-creation with Daniel Kok, 2016). He has created numerous national and international commissions, including Not About Face for The Chocolate Factory Theater (New York City, 2014), Erotic Dance for Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris, 2015) and Public Action for the Keir Choreographic Awards (2018).

Luke was the recipient of the Russell Page Fellowship (2007) and Greenroom Award for Best Male Dancer (2011). He was Co-Artistic Director of Stompin Youth Dance Company (2002-2008) and Co-Curator of First Run at Lucy Guerin Inc (2009-2013). He was the inaugural Resident Artist at the Abbotsford Convent Foundation in 2018.

Luke George and Collaborators’ works are presented widely in Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada and U.S.A.