James Batchelor and Collaborators


James Batchelor and Collaborators are a team of independent dance artists from Australia. Led by Choreographer James Batchelor, Creative Producer Bek Berger, Composer Morgan Hickinbotham and guests, the team brings together a unique precision of practice and friendship that allows for inspired movement through a variety of contexts. Their body of work, including DEEPSPACE (Dance Massive 2017) and REDSHIFT (Chunky Move, Next Move Commission 2017) is known for its visual clarity, architectural composition and rhythmic playfulness. With a commitment to slowness and sensitivity, movement is hypnotically focused and detailed, drawing audiences into contemplative and imaginative realms. They have presented extensively in Australia and overseas to such festivals/venues as December Dance (BE), Tanzmesse (DE), Birmingham International Dance Festival (UK), Arnolfini (UK), Chisenhale Dance (UK), B.Motion / Operestate (IT), Homo Novous (LV), Trois C-L (LU), Jonge Harten (NL), Lonely in Rain? (FI), La Briqueterie (FR), Plastique Danse Flore (FR), APAM (AU) Canberra Theatre Centre (AU), Vitalstatistix (AU), MONA (AU), Arts House (AU) and Dancehouse (AU). Their latest creation HYPERSPACE (Aerowaves Twenty19) is the culmination of two years of practice together and will tour Australia and Europe in 2019/2020.