Open Studios – New Works

Open Studios – New Works

Ten contemporary dance choreographers and dance artists will introduce you to their latest work through live performance excerpts and/or video presentation at The Malthouse Theatre.

12:00- 12:30pm Victoria Chiu (VIC)
12:40pm -1:10pm Emma Fishwick (WA)
1:20pm- 1:50pm Rakini Devi (NSW)
2:00pm- 2:30pm Clare Dyson (QLD)

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12:00pm -12:30pm:  Stephanie Lake (VIC)
12:40pm -1:10pm: Ryuichi Fujimura (NSW)
1:20pm- 1:50pm:  Frankie Snowdon & Madeleine Krenek (NT)
2:20pm- 2:50pm:  Alison Currie (SA)
3:00pm- 3:30pm:  Larissa McGowan (SA)
3:40pm- 4:10pm:  Jo Lloyd (VIC)

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Presented by Ausdance Victoria.

Image: Dancers Christina Chan and Aymeric Bichon from Stephanie Lake’s development of Axial.
Photography by Pippa Samaya

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