Deep Sea Dances

Rebecca Jensen

Deep Sea Dances

Presented by Arts House

Welcome to Deep Sea.

A whale falls to the darkest depths. Once animal, now host, its carcass slowly decays, providing sustenance to alien ecosystems. Its matter is distributed through multiple pathways, intercepting in a spontaneous unfolding of divergent, yet equal, parts.

Choreographer and dancer Rebecca Jensen (OverworldDeep Soulful Sweats), along with a large ensemble, create and reimagine systems. In a porous, fluid and volatile reality, a mass comes together to prioritise transition and transformation. Deep Sea Dances unfolds as structures weaken and a new ecology emerges.

In a world whose future remains uncertain, Deep Sea Dances draws us away from the mainland, past the beach and into the abyss.

Choreography: Rebecca Jensen & Ensemble

Natalie Abbott
Sarah Aiken
Annabelle Balharry
Amanda Betlehem
Deanne Butterworth
Ellen Davies
Hillary Goldsmith
Baden Hitchcock
Milo Hyde
Rebecca Jensen
Leah Landau
Claire Leske
Jo Lloyd
Cam McLachlan
Brooke Powers
Emily Ranford
Emily Robinson

Sound Design: Andrew Wilson

Production Design: Matthew Adey

Image: Eliza Dyball