Bodied Assemblies

Rhiannon Newton

Bodied Assemblies

Presented by Dancehouse with support from the City of Yarra and the NSW Government through Arts NSW

Bodied Assemblies makes a radical proposal for coming together to share an experience of transformation. The process is ignited and intensified by the condition of being together as a group in a space and time unravelling the infinite choreographies of our assembled bodies.

In a succession of live negotiations, the individual body becomes many and multiple bodies become one. All the while, the temporary assembly rotates, like the hand of a clock, through a single revolution.

Using repetition to capture and solidify “live-ness” – be it a danced movement or a mundane action – Rhiannon Newton’s new work masterfully exposes the possibility our collective bodies offer.

Created by Rhiannon Newton in collaboration with performers: Bhenji Ra, Ivey Wawn & Julian Wong
Composition: Bree van Reyk
Percussion: Leah Scholes
Lighting Design: Bosco Shaw
Producer: Jenifer Leys
Technical Support: Benjamin Forster

Image: Cleo Mees