Andrea Snyder

American Dance Abroad, Co-Director

ANDREA SNYDER, co-director of Performing Arts Strategies and American Dance Abroad, has spent her career in the professional dance field.  She was Dance/USA’s president and executive director; created and directed the National Initiative to Preserve America’s Dance (NIPAD) grant program for The Pew Charitable Trusts; was assistant director of the NEA Dance Program; booking agent for Sheldon Soffer Management; executive director of Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians; administrator of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dance Department; associate administrator for the Cunningham Dance Foundation; and assistant to the Director of the Dance Notation Bureau.  She chaired the Performing Arts Alliance board and was a member of the Dance Magazine inaugural Board of Advisors.  From 1995-2010, she moderated The Kennedy Center’s contemporary dance post-performance discussions.  Her life/career in dance is profiled in Renata Celichowska’s book, Seven Statements of Survival.

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